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Below is the list of recordings so far.

We still have a few CDs: “ A Blast From The Past” which has the singles and the Amazon sessions on, for only £6.00 each!


  1. Into the night

  2. Suicide Ball

  3. Mountain people

Amazon sessions:

  1. Suzy

  2. Discovery

  3. When

  4. Cocaine

  5. Harlequin

3rd Planet Studios:

Tracks recorded in 3rd Planet Studios, produced by Jose Ibanez.

1. Not Anymore: (3:38)

2. Be Careful What You Wish For: (2:41)

3. Sweet Misery: (3:36)

4. Too Much To Lose: (2:35)

5. The Bitch: (3:40)

6. It’s Not Enough?: (4:02)

7. Out On The Street: (3:53)

8. Bang Bang: (3:20)

9. Still Alright: (3:33)

10. Tears In The Rain: (6:20)

Heartbeat was released in January 2023 and is a song about the dreadful and tragic consequences of knife crime in our communities. It’s available to download on iTunes and all proceeds go to “Real men don’t carry knives” project.

Coming soon:

Blue Vein: For You…

The new album due 2023

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